New Solutions for Old Problems

Business Leadership/Jobs

David is the CEO of Tiber Health, a global network of innovative medical universities with 450 employees. Recently, Tiber Health has begun the process to open an $82 million medical school, bringing 483 permanent jobs to St. Louis.

As an entrepreneur, David understands what it takes to grow and build a business. David will fight to remove the impediments of over-regulation, over-taxation, and frivolous lawsuits to help the St. Louis region and Missouri recruit and retain more high-paying jobs.

He will attract new companies and industries to Missouri by supporting workforce development plans that emphasize training and retraining in high-demand industries. These plans place a greater emphasis on community colleges, technical schools, and vocational education, so we have a workforce ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

Taxes/Good Government

David is a Constitutional Conservative and believes government functions can improve while taking less of your hard-earned tax money. He will challenge the government to do better with less and to be more efficient and transparent. More and more, we are being asked to increase taxes while still receiving the same level of services and no additional benefits. David opposes higher taxes and challenges the government to do better in spending your tax dollars wisely.

When David took over his first medical school, he decreased annual operating costs by $7 million while creating new jobs. In addition, his medical school costs students 40% percent less than other private medical schools. This reduces the student debt for the doctor allowing them to practice in areas where we need them. If businesses can successfully do this, the government can as well.

Health Care

Dr. Lenihan is a respected thought-leader in the global medical education and technology community. His company trains doctors to lower costs and improve access in many communities.

We cannot wait for partisan gridlock to break in Washington, D.C., to find solutions to affordable health care for Missouri.

Obamacare promised you could keep your doctor, keep your plan, and on average save thousands each year. Instead, millions lost their doctor, millions lost their health care plans, and we all pay almost 200% more. Americans didn’t save anything and 40% of Americans have only one option on the Obamacare exchange.

Socialized medicine almost cost the life of David’s son while living in Scotland, where they had a single-payer health system. Dr. Lenihan agrees with Republicans that Obamacare has not worked and is tired of the finger-pointing and blame games. Dr. Lenihan believes we owe it to our community to come up with a solid Missouri solution for our families.

David believes we must also look at competition and market forces to address private insurance affordability by having more options to lower deductibles. He will fight to significantly reduce regulations resulting in lower health insurance costs, greater transparency, and decrease confusion when dealing with medical decisions.


Education is a central story to Dr. Lenihan’s life. His company, Tiber Health, educates doctors and other medical professionals, and he has developed techniques to help students in the classroom who may not have been admitted to traditional medical schools. At Tiber Health’s Ponce Health Sciences University, he raised the Board pass rate from 62% to 93% while increasing medical degree applications by 30.4%. His approach has successfully taken students from many different backgrounds and given them exceptional careers.

He believes he can apply these techniques to the K-12 classroom. Through his medical schools, he was able to improve student outcomes through innovation in the classroom while spending less money to do so. David will take on the establishment bureaucrats and build school systems around students and teachers, not bureaucrats. State government should respect local control but challenge those local school districts to truly innovate and not just be good but be great for Missouri’s children.

David supports increased state funding for our local schools to ensure our students are ready for the jobs of tomorrow. He supports reforming the education system to better prepare students for the workplace rather than only preparing them for the next test.

Fighting Crime

Crime is on the rise in our region, and we need to give law enforcement the much-needed resources to protect our communities and families. In a rush to give criminals rights, we have voided victims’ rights and that balance must be restored.

Dr. Lenihan believes there is a correlation between crime, drug addiction, and mental health.

The current justice system does not do an adequate job of addressing these issues primarily because there are not enough physicians in the area. Additionally, Missouri is over 500 hospital beds short of meeting the basic mental health needs in our state. He is bringing one of the largest psychiatric residency programs in the country to St. Louis while simultaneously building a 100-bed psychiatric center in St. Louis City. Dr. Lenihan is not only focused on giving law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs, he is also focused on addressing the root cause of the crime problem in our region.

Property Rights/ Assessments

David will fight against the government taking private property for the purposes of increasing revenue. Properties are increasingly being condemned by local government in order to continuously feed their balance sheets, and that is wrong.

As a State Senator, he will also work to prohibit property assessments from being excessive. The government tries to increase assessment for their funds when there are shortfalls due to wasting taxpayer dollars. Legislation is needed so that the government has limits on the amount of property taxes that can be increased each year.

City-County Merger

David is opposed to the recent city/ county merger attempt. He opposes any merger that is not open, transparent, and determined by a vote of the people of St. Louis and St. Louis County.


Most veterans don’t want to end their service to our communities after leaving their military careers. They want and deserve continued opportunities to participate and make a difference in their communities and David will work to remove obstacles keeping them from those opportunities.

One such problem is insurance companies penalizing veterans who serve overseas by charging them higher rates. The brave men and women who serve our country shouldn’t be punished for their service by insurance companies, and other industries, or create other impediments when they come home from defending our country.


Dr. Lenihan has worked internationally on privacy issues and laws to protect consumers and will continue that fight in the Missouri State Senate.

In particular, David wants to hold companies responsible whose lax security results in data breaches causing private information to be stolen and used to cheat unknowing consumers. Companies who sell our data have lasting impacts on our lives without us ever even knowing where that data is going or who has access to it.

Guns/Second Amendment

David strongly supports Second Amendment rights. His family has a tradition of hunting and he wants to protect that tradition and the rights of law-abiding gun owners. He has worked a great deal on mental health issues and believes that gun laws need to be improved to address unstable or dangerous individuals from having access to guns.


Dr. Lenihan is a doctor, a father, and is pro-life. Dr. Lenihan believes we should do everything in our power to make abortions rarer.